Demi Lovato Celebrates “Body Confidence” After Filming First Sex Scene

Demi Lovato had some “awkward hilarious sex”—and they liked it!

Tuesday, July 20 marked the first time the Sonny With a Chance actor performed in a sex scene, and though the pop star was initially nervous, they wrote on Instagram that it was ultimately a success.

“I had a little anxiety going into it but the cast and crew were so professional and easy to work with, it calmed me down immediately,” they reflected, adding, “Then, I thought about how proud I am for being able to feel comfortable enough in my skin to do that.”

Demi proved how far they’ve come, writing that in the past they “rarely ever showed my arms.” In contrast, Demi said, “Now I’m in this,” sharing a photo of themselves in a black bra and underwear.

The singer noted the future scene, which is potentially for the upcoming NBC show Hungry, “barely shows anything BUT STILL.”

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