Mindy Kaling Reveals What She Truly Hated About Her Role On The Office

Kaling recently appeared on “Watch What Happens Live,” during which host Andy Cohen asked her a string of questions about “bad behavior [she’s] seen in the workplace.” They began by discussing things such as the worst day job Kaling had while trying to make it as an actor, to which she answered babysitting, and the worst note she’s gotten from a network executive, to which she revealed that she was told to get rid of an actor on one of her shows even though it didn’t make sense for the story.

Cohen concluded the segment by asking Kaling what her “number one co-worker pet peeve” is. Kaling responded with a fairly tame answer, remarking, “No. 1 co-worker pet peeve? We used to keep ‘The Office’ set very cold. It was like 60 degrees. And I remember not being able to do anything about that. It’s just a little cold.”

Cohen brought it back to his question, adding, “Monitor of the temp!” This could all explain some of the icy attitudes of the characters.

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