Out Of Every That ’70s Show Character, One Stands Above The Rest

Yes, Eric Forman is the backbone of “That ’70s Show,” and Red Forman is responsible for many of the series’ laugh-out-loud moments, but it’s Kitty Forman who’s the true shining star of the program. Making her debut in the premiere episode, “That ’70s Pilot,” she was a constant all the way up until its conclusion via “That ’70s Finale,” occupying a bunch of different roles in that time. However, her time wearing the mother hat is when she’s at her best, hence her reputation as one of the best TV moms of all time.

“Kitty rocks because she’s not asking for credit, but without her, almost every other character would never eat or resolve interpersonal problems,” wrote Redditor AuFeKO in a thread centered on the “That ’70s Show” mainstay. MichaeljBerry then chimed in with an interesting point that a few of their fellow users brought up as well, commenting, “I identified as Eric when I watched it as a teenager. I remember thinking kitty was annoying, now she’s my favorite character.” Naturally, the conversation wasn’t without fans citing their love for Kitty’s one-of-a-kind laugh – an enduring hallmark of her character.

Kitty’s love for Eric and her support for his endeavors are key elements of her personality but don’t be fooled by her warmth. As explained by Screen Rant, her intellect makes her a strong voice of reason on the program, and as such, she doesn’t mince words when she calls people out on their poor decision-making. Her straightforward approach, coupled with actress Debra Jo Rupp’s spot-on delivery, has spawned numerous hilarious scenes over the years, putting Kitty right up there with the funniest folks on the cast list.

Whether she’s belting out a string of expletives directed at her husband Red or jamming out with Eric to Neil Sedaka’s “Bad Blood,” Kitty Forman’s presence on “That ’70s Show” was always a treat. There’s no denying that she’s in a league all her own.

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