The Biggest Unanswered Questions From The Flash Season 7

At the tail end of “Heart of the Matter: Part 2,” audiences learned that Kristen Kramer had a perfectly good reason for having survived as long as she did, and for having Speed Forced her way to heroism earlier in the story — sort of. According to Kramer, she had recently tested positive as a Metahuman, rocking the ability to mimic the metahuman powers of anyone with whom she was in close contact.

That’s all well and good. The liberal application of Peter Petrelli powers has been a staple of superhero stories since the Silver Age of comic books. But, and here’s the thing, it doesn’t explain how Kramer managed to copy Heart’s abilities.

Godspeed, if you’ll recall, wasn’t a proper metahuman. He was granted his abilities through artificial means. It was sort of his whole rigamarole through the season seven finale — he wanted legitimate Speed Force powers because his lab-grown facsimiles would never measure up. So how could Kramer have copied his super-science-induced speed if her ability is to copy the powers of grass-fed, organic metahumans? Maybe season eight will fill in some gaps.

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