The Ending Of The Flash Season 7 Explained

Faced with the fractured mind of August Heart and his desire to achieve an organic Speed Force experience, Barry decides to allow the ne’er-do-well with the object of his desire. Unfortunately for fans of a world with fewer supervillains, this triggers the ivory speedster’s lust for glory, and he jets off on a furious quest for fleet-of-foot no-goodery, with a particular design on draining Barry’s recently “leveled-up” Speed Force. It’s bad news all around, that’s what it is.

Barry, meanwhile, isn’t without a backup plan. He chases Heart down and finds himself in a one-on-one with a real doozy of a scofflaw, before revealing his true designs. He’s summoned the help of none other than Eobard Thawne, the dang old Reverse Flash, played by Tom Cavanagh. Together, the two Speedsters fight the third Speedster with blades of pure speediness. Things look grim until Thawne gets the better of Godspeed, stabbing him through the tummy. His secondary foe defeated, Thawne reveals his true intentions: Killing Barry himself.

But it wouldn’t be much of a lead-in to season eight if the hero died in season seven. Barry does his own reveal, pulling back the curtain on his understanding that Thawne would never let anyone but Thawne kill the Flash. With a burst of the aforementioned leveled-up Speed Force, Barry puts Thawne on his back. Promises of vengeance are made. Godspeed, his memory of Barry’s identity removed, is whisked away offscreen to a life of penal confinement, basically certain never to return again, not even for the next big crossover with “Legends of Tomorrow.”

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