The Flash Showrunner Promises A ‘Happy Ending’ For These Two Characters In Season 8

While talking to Deadline, Wallace provided insight into what we can expect for next season with super couple Barry and Iris. The showrunner said that next season would feature Barry finally transforming into a more confident and heroic team leader that brings The Flash closer to his comic book counterpart. Still, next season will also significantly test his relationship with Iris.

“[They’re] in a really great place at the end of Season 7, and that will obviously continue, but I think their biggest challenge that they’ve ever faced lies ahead, and it’s going to be tough,” Wallace said. “It’s going to take what I consider to be one of the great love stories in the history of television to survive what they are about to go through, especially in the back half of Season 8. But don’t worry. It’ll be a happy ending.”

It might be considered a minor spoiler to know that despite whatever obstacles are in store for the two, they’ll be okay in the end. But, interestingly, the journey to get there won’t be smooth sailing, especially as Barry gets to shine as a leader and hero. Just like superhero comic books, relationships are never without their challenges. We wonder just what else could shake the rock-solid couple.

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