The Funniest Moments In Star Trek History

One of the most fun conflicts to witness on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” is the back and forth between Constable Odo (René Auberjonois) and the scheming Ferengi Quark (Armin Shimerman). One of their funniest exchanges happens in Season 4’s “The Way of the Warrior,” just before the epic battle between the eponymous station and a fleet of Klingon ships. 

Finding Quark outside his bar, Odo tells him it’s time to head to the emergency shelter, but Quark assures Odo he intends to defend his property. Quark isn’t known for being able to defend himself against so much as a tribble, much less battle-hardened Klingon warriors, so Odo is understandably skeptical. The bartender produces a box that he thinks holds a disrupter pistol. When he opens the box, boldly claiming he’ll “be ready for” the Klingons, rather than a weapon, there’s a note inside. Without skipping a beat or asking permission, Odo grabs the note and reads it — it’s from Quark’s brother Rom, informing him he gutted his disruptor to fix their replicator.  

Snatching the paper from Odo, Quark yells, “I will kill him!” 

Odo, clearly satisfied with this turn of events, responds, “With what?”

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