The Untold Truth Of Big Timber’s Coleman Willner

Based on the show, Coleman Willner seems like the kind of guy to keep his private life private. However, if you head over to his Instagram profile, you can get some glimpses into his personal life. For anyone hoping Willner was single, he’s sadly taken off the market, and it’s been that way for a while. 

He’s in a relationship with Alysha Rodger and judging from how far back they appear in pictures together on both of their Instagram feeds, they’ve been an item for quite a while. This includes a post from as recent as July 2021 where the two posed together at some event with a banner reading “Cheers to Love” behind them. 

It appears as though friends, family, and fans are incredibly invested in their relationship, as the July 2021 picture has numerous comments with people saying things like, “Definitely zoomed in to see if there was a ring on that finger” and “When’s the wedding???” They’re both still young, but don’t be surprised if an engagement announcement comes to their pages in the near future. 

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