What The Dolphin From Netflix’s Sexy Beasts Looks Like In Real Life

In Episode 5 of “Sexy Beasts,” we’re introduced to Nina the Dolphin, an administrative assistant from San Diego. Nina’s creepy dolphin mask features a sleek nose, dorsal fin, and even a blowhole, front and center. Thankfully her bubbly personality shines through her facial prosthetics, and she makes her mission clear from the start: to find her epic match with an adventurous cowboy. Her potential paramours are Mick, the spiritual Rhino; Dominic the confident Mantis, and Dustin, the country Scarecrow.

Though Nina does make a successful match by the end of her episode, all three competitors get a chance to see her without her mask and are shocked by her beauty, since her makeup proved to be quite deceptive. The runner-up confessed that when he finally saw Nina without her disguise, he instantly thought “ugh, damn — she’s a very good looking girl.” The winner himself was also stunned by her outer beauty, which definitely proved to match her inner beauty.

You can watch the entire first season of “Sexy Beasts” on Netflix.

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