What The Panda From Netflix’s Sexy Beasts Looks Like In Real Life

Josh the Bull assumed Kariselle was blonde, and it was revealed he was right. The party motivator from New Jersey turned out to be a blonde bombshell, delighting her pick, Tyler the Alien, who is quite handsome himself.

It’s no secret that most reality show dating contestants are usually good looking, so the reveals aren’t totally shocking. However, as Tracy Moore at Vanity Fair says, the costumes add a very unique element to the tried-and-true formula. “There’s a clear eroticism in some contestants’ fascination with each other’s animal heads,” Moore observes, “And some really lean into the part, one growling caress at a time. An animal hotness pecking order quickly emerges. Viewers will find themselves wondering impatiently whether this rhinoceros or mandrill is good looking underneath, but also asking: Will the less attractive animal heads be eliminated first? How do some people still seem “face hot” even while wearing a frog head? Am I sort of attracted to this wolf?”

For now, we’ll keep watching “Sexy Beasts,” enjoying the face reveals, and eagerly awaiting a (hopefully!) second season.

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