American Horror Stories: Drive In Ending Explained

When Bitterman hears about the totality of the destruction “Rabbit Rabbit” caused, he’s elated. He says of the film, “It’s an experience. It’s a cinematic happening. A horror movie where the horror isn’t on screen. It’s in the audience.”

It’s revealed that Bitterman worked on “The Exorcist” and was allegedly responsible for the flashes of demonic imagery that the film famously contains. He then turned those techniques up to the max and worked to create a movie full of subliminal sound and imagery so powerful it could manifest the horror into reality. To look at it from his perspective, Bitterman’s project was a major success.

But pure auteur ego isn’t the only thing driving the director. In a flashback, we learn that he became the subject of a heated censorship campaign headed by Tipper Gore (Amy Grabow), the wife of former Vice President Al Gore who is known, among other things, for being instrumental in the creation of Parental Advisory stickers. Bitterman was ultimately jailed for attacking Gore during a congressional hearing and in the present, he defends his assault and his literally violent art by declaring, “A society that locks up its artists doesn’t deserve to survive.”

As an archetype, Bitterman is a bit like a superhero movie villain: someone who feels that they were wronged and decides to burn everything down rather than work to make it better. His plan for “Rabbit Rabbit” would make the Joker jealous for the way it cruelly preys on humanity’s instinctual curiosity. Like the best villains, his arguments are sometimes compelling, but his actions are truly sinister.

And as we see in the episode’s twist ending, if Bitterman’s goal was to get as many people as possible to see the movie, he found the perfect way to succeed.

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