Coven Scene That Fans Agree Went Too Far

In keeping with many fan criticisms of “Coven,” one Redditor pointed to the opening scene of the season premiere as being “unsettling.” The episode opens with real-life serial killer Madame Delphine LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) hosting a party in New Orleans, where she is punishing her calculated daughter for trying to seduce a Black houseman, who takes the brunt of the punishment.

The racist, sadistic socialite brings the man, Bastien, to the attic, where it’s revealed that she keeps slaves in a makeshift torture chamber. She cruelly mocks her abused captives, calling them “my pets” as they watch in horror while Bastien’s head is covered by a hollowed-out bull’s head. He whimpers while she says he’s to become a beast since he acted like one, citing her inspiration as the mythological Greek minotaur.

Fans agreed that the brutal, grotesque scene went too far, with u/AutomaticAttorney274 saying, “I almost didn’t watch the rest of the season after that.” They’re probably not the only one.

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