Naked And Afraid Of Love Release Date, Contestants And Locations

From the clip and description we have so far, it’s clear the 16 contestants have been dumped on an island where they must search for resources to stay comfortable while finding love. There hasn’t been any confirmation about where precisely the crew has landed, but it looks pretty. It’s a bit of an upgrade from where contestants on the regular “Naked and Afraid” end up. 

“Naked and Afraid” has been on every continent except Antarctica, with people combatting the elements everywhere from Botswana to Guyana. The description reported by The Wrap and Cosmopolitan refers to the dating show’s locale as an “island paradise,” so it doesn’t sound like the cast will wade in swamps with alligators lurking. If Discovery decides to pursue more seasons of “Naked and Afraid of Love,” it could very well become a globe-trotting adventure, taking lovers and audiences around the world to see how romance can form no matter where you are.

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