NALIP Partners With Disney, MPA, Amblin, Starz On Pilot Program – Deadline

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers has partnered with the Walt Disney Company, the Motion Picture Association, Amblin Partners and Starz on Latino Lens, an industry-wide incubator designed to mold and cultivate the next generation of executive producers.

NALIP’s program will accept up to 12 participants in its first year. It will offers eight weeks’ worth of active, hands-on learning, as well as mentorship from a cohort of working producers.

Participants in the Producers Pipeline Incubator will be exposed to motion picture and television business divisions and the world of distribution, learning about the mechanics behind a producer’s overall deal.

Following their time in the program, four participants will receive the opportunity for a six-month paid fellowship at The Walt Disney Company, Amblin Partners, and Starz, where they will be further guided in building producing careers.

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As it launched its new program, NALIP emphasized the importance of bringing Latinx execs into the conversation, surrounding the future of the industry. Nearly a fifth of U.S. box office receipts are now attributable to this community of 58.9 million; its spending power has grown in recent years toward $2 trillion. The incubator will bear the community’s growing economic power in mind, also integrating forecasting in the technology sectors and platforms transforming the creation and distribution of content.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with The Walt Disney Company, MPA, Amblin Partners and STARZ whom all share the common goal of achieving inclusive storytelling that is globally viable,” said NALIP’s Executive Director, Benjamin Lopez. “We’re proud of the tremendous support we have received to help ensure that historically underrepresented communities develop, pinpoint and contribute to the development of IP. Through the Producers Pipeline Incubator we hope to not only identify the next generation of decision makers, but continue to support them as they navigate the entertainment ecosystem.”

The Latino Lens incubator will be scaled over time to introduce new studio partners, as well as additional fellowships and further professional development opportunities.

For more information on the program, click here.

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