Things About Friends Only Superfans Know

Marta Kauffman, David Crane, and Kevin Bright admit just how difficult it was to cast Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross in “Friends: The Reunion.” While that special offers a deep dive into the casting process for the six actors we know and love, it doesn’t mention the other big names who came in to read for the parts. For example, Leah Remini, known best for her work on “The King of Queens,” auditioned for Monica. While she didn’t land a major role, she did land a guest spot: In Season 1, Remini played a single mom Joey befriends in the hospital while Carol (Jane Sibbett) gives birth to Ben.

Additionally, Jane Krakowski auditioned for the role of Phoebe (via People), while Hank Azaria tried to nab the part of Joey. Azaria wooed the creators just enough to land a recurring role as David, Phoebe’s ongoing love interest throughout 10 seasons (via People). Before Matthew Perry was cast as Chandler, Jon Cryer and Jon Favreau auditioned to play him. Favreau was able to secure a guest spot as Monica’s millionaire boyfriend Pete in Season 3, while Cryer went on to star on “Two and a Half Men.” Finally, Tea Leoni vied for the role of Rachel, as did Tiffani Thiessen (via EW).

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