What Every Sexy Beasts Contestant Looks Like In Real Life

In Episode 1, we meet Archie, one of the three suitors hoping to charm Emma into granting him a second date. He’s a sweet, mild-mannered British gent who hails from Gloucestershire. When Archie isn’t participating in a bonkers Netflix dating show, he’s a student. In his introduction, Archie reveals that he’s not too much of a playboy. Instead, he prefers to take it slow and steady when looking for love, and he’s also interested in a woman whose beauty lies in her intellect. 

As for his physical transformation, Archie is made up to look like a stone statue. His face, neck, and hands are covered in gray and white makeup, and he’s given prosthetic pieces to cover up his jawline and head to make them look more sculpted. Adding to this chiseled statue vibe are flecks of green moss on his face, sideburns, and throughout his stone hair. The overall effect is quite stunning, with Emma remarking during their first meeting that Archie looks like a Greek god. She’s not wrong.

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