What The Demon From Sexy Beasts Looks Like In Real Life

By the power of spirit gum remover, it was revealed that Emma the “horny devil” was, and this is true, not a literal demon, but rather a human woman, whose face can be seen in the image above. She has no horns. Her skin’s hue is less crimson than she presented it. Honestly, she changed so much about herself for “Sexy Beasts” that she might as well have dressed up like a catfish. That said, it turned out that the object of her affections, Bennett the mandrill, wasn’t actually an Old World primate of the Mandrillus family with a diet consisting mostly of insects and fruits, so the shoe was on the other foot there.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. We’re not sure what it is. Maybe something about how important it is to be your genuine self, no matter how many Hollywood makeup artists dress you up in the morning. Maybe it’s something about how love conquers all, even the difficulties inherent in a hellspawn/monkey relationship. It’s possible that it’s something as simple as “we should all stop being snarky and just be happy that Rob Delaney is getting a regular paycheck.” Let’s go with that last one.

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