Why American Horror Stories Fans Are Split Over Episode 3

Some fans are concerned that “American Horror Stories” is steering too far from its predecessor tonally. “It may as well have been a GOOSEBUMPS episode,” said u/pfefferd. “I hope this series gets it’s [sic] head on right, because that’s two weak weeks in a row.” Another user called it “an adult goosebumps episode.”

While the comparison may not be as biting now considering the recent success of the “Fear Street” trilogy, other “AHS” fans also noted the ‘younger’ feel of the episode. One Redditor described the casting as being “like someone (threw) a bucket of blood on Glee,” in reference to “AHS” producer Ryan Murphy’s high-school drama. Others pointed out that teenagers have always been important in the horror genre, but wish that the show would’ve gone in a different direction with this episode because they found it unrealistic. 

Despite the criticisms, fans seemed to generally agree that “Drive In” was an improvement over last week’s two-part premiere, “Rubber (Wo)man.” So at least there’s some common ground.

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