Loki Fans Agree That This Is The Best Season 1 Episode

Reddit user u/Blaziken_Knight posted a poll on r/Loki, asking fans to vote for their favorite episode. Overwhelmingly, Episode 5 came out ahead, with the finale in second and Episode 4 in third. Really, it seems inevitable that the episode with the most Lokis in a series entitled “Loki” would garner the most adoration — as Loki himself has learned, the mischievous trickster can be downright irresistible.

There’s a lot to love in Episode 5, entitled “Journey into Mystery,” but chief among them for fans is Classic Loki, played by Richard E. Grant. The older variant stands out as a high point, even among the entire MCU, according to user u/Bid_Unable, who said he’s already one of Marvel’s “best characters” after only a handful of scenes in a single episode. Right off the bat, Classic Loki’s story of faking his death in an illusory attack on Thanos — the one seen in “Avengers: Endgame” — makes a popular fan theory canon, garnering him brownie points.

However, it is Classic Loki’s sacrifice in the final moments that truly moves audiences. To serve as a distraction for the giant cloud dragon monster Alioth, he conjures an illusory Asgard. The memory of his home made at least one user cry, while user u/nsturge said it was “definitely the most emotional I got during this series.” They also pointed out that he is a hero throughout the episode, not just in the final scene: “[H]e spent time reflecting on his own life, he stays loyal to Kid Loki, and he saves our Loki a few different times. He is basically the Loki everyone wants to be. 10/10 episode.”

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