PEN15’s Jacuzzi Special Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Anna Konkle told Vanity Fair that the “basic premise” for the episode “was going on vacation in Florida, and it never really being what you thought it was going to be.” In that manner, the episode is inspired by real-life family vacations in which Konkle would first feel excited about a getaway to an exotic locale, before quickly becoming disillusioned with an environment seemingly hostile to her own enjoyment.

“I grew up going to Fort Lauderdale, where my grandparents lived in a retirement facility,” she continued. “I was excited to go, but then I would get there and remember, Okay, Anna, you’re sleeping on a mattress in the sunroom. So you’re going to wake up in a pool of sweat on rubber. And you will not see a person your age for a week, and if someone agrees to play cards with you, you’re lucky.”

Konkle didn’t detail any plot particulars about “Jacuzzi,” but given that her own history of vacationing in Florida is serving as its main inspiration, some of the specifics she recounted to Vanity Fair will likely factor into the fictional Maya and Anna’s trip in some way, shape, or form. The episode should also, judging by its title, feature a hot tub — from Konkle’s recollection of her own visits to Florida, it’s safe to say the titular jacuzzi won’t be very glamorous but probably kind of sad and decrepit.

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