What Happened To Kariselle And Tyler After Sexy Beasts?

Decider pointed out that the two reality show contestants still follow each other on Instagram, but that seems to be about it. According to Kariselle’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, she just recently celebrated her 25th birthday, is enjoying a thriving modeling career, and loving life. She appears to be single, based on a tweet from April where she jokingly asked her followers, “Can someone please break my heart so I can properly soak in Taylor Swift’s new fearless album.” There are no recent mentions of Tyler anywhere on her social media accounts.

But the answer to why the couple doesn’t appear to be an item anymore may lie in one of Tyler’s Instagram posts. It was posted some time back in January, and featured a photograph of a red light and a warning sign that read “CAUTION: do not enter when [red light] is on.” Tyler captioned the photo with an ambiguous “#iykyk,” which is internet shorthand for “if you know, you know.” Since we know that their episode was filmed in the late fall of 2020, was their romantic honeymoon over after just two months? Was Ethan right to be relieved that she had eliminated him after all the warning signs (or “red lights”) she let slip during their speed date? We won’t know until Netflix decides to do a reunion episode, or the stars themselves come clean with the truth. But if you’re curious about “Sexy Beasts,” you can catch Season 1 streaming now on Netflix. 

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