Why Taco Bell’s Anime Commercial Has The Internet Buzzing

Psyop went above and beyond in making the minute-long trailer, which features animation just as good as — if not better — than real anime from today. If you took out all the product placement and cheesy lines such as, “This is our world, and these are our Mexican spices,” there wouldn’t be anything else to stop you from believing it was a trailer for a real anime series.

The trailer depicts a world in which a giant monster attacks every time Taco Bell’s nacho fries come back. In the clip’s universe, this seems irresponsible on Taco Bell’s part, but we suppose that’s a price the people of this world are willing to pay for their cheesy fries. Instead of simply taking them off the menu, they form the Fry Force, an elite team of mech-wielding soldiers with Rei as the leader. Tragically, her brother Kosuke is taken by the monsters, and he joins their side after being “consumed by a primal hunger for Nacho Fries,” according to the trailer’s description.

Sadly, there’s no real anime series to follow the fake trailer, but there is a short manga Taco Bell published online to give more backstory.

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