Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date, Cast And Plot

Contains spoilers for the ending of “Outer Banks” Season 2

Similar to “Outer Banks” Season 1, Season 2 ends on a massive cliffhanger that will have repercussions going into the show’s future. The show sees the Pogues temporarily gain control of a golden cross until it falls into the wrong hands. Once again, the crew was so close to obtaining some treasure that would vastly improve their lives, but it all falls apart at the very end. 

That doesn’t mean all hope is lost in the future, and the Pogues might have some unexpected help going into Season 3. The biggest reveal at the end of the last season was that John B’s father, Big John (Charles Halford), is still alive. We’ve been told from the beginning of the series that Ward killed him, but his body was never found. It turns out he’s been lying low all this time. He’s with Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell), and Big John offers to help her find the shroud. However, she has to agree to help out John B. in his quest. 

It certainly won’t be the last time we see Big John. If the show continues, we’d anticipate a very tearful reunion in the future.

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