Ted Lasso’s Brendan Hunt Reveals Season 2’s True Antagonist

According to Hunt, the makers of “Ted Lasso” looked inward when seeking challenges for their eclectic cast of characters to overcome in the second season. “I guess it just forces you to find different types of antagonists,” he said when asked if it’s tough creating dramatic tension when everyone’s so darned nice. “A lot of times, especially this season, the antagonists are ourselves. We have antagonists within us, and we have situational antagonism to deal with.”

In Hunt’s view, that focus on the inward battles we all face dealing with our own insecurities and trauma makes for even more interesting storytelling than beats that set characters at loggerheads. “You don’t have to pit your characters against each other to have conflict of a different, perhaps richer kind,” he said.

“Ted Lasso” is currently premiering new episodes Fridays on Apple TV+.

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