The Wild Fan Theory About AHS: Double Feature’s New Poster

The latest “AHS: Double Feature” key art poster shows one of the mer-creatures sensually licking an alien’s neck. But in a strange twist, this alien has the same razor-sharp teeth as the mer-creature. 

“The fact that they both have the same teeth makes me think both these creatures were engineered by or involved somehow with ‘the chemist’ and the black pills,” Redditor u/Addieprettygirl wrote. “Pose” star Angelica Ross is set to play a character known only as “The Chemist,” and the latest teaser shows black pills spilling all over a counter. Perhaps Ross’ character will create hybrid alien/mer-creature monsters who bring the season’s two plotlines together.

u/trevaconda echoed those sentiments. “I’m thinking something along the lines of the aliens landing, a scientist studying them thinks they’re the ultimate life form […] so [they start] trying to crossbreed us with them and the results are these f***ed up fish things,” they noted.

You can find out for yourself when “American Horror Story: Double Feature” premieres on FX on Wednesday, August 25.

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