Why Wyatt From American Horror Stories’ The Naughty List Looks So Familiar

Melton starred in the 2019 romantic drama, “The Sun Is Also a Star,” about fate bringing people together. He starred opposite Yara Shahidi, of “Black-Ish” and “Grown-Ish” fame. Melton played Daniel, a son of Korean immigrants who writes poetry despite being pressured by his family to become a doctor.

Daniel meets Natasha, an undocumented woman who is on the verge of being deported along with her family to Jamaica. Daniel believes in love and fate, but Natasha does not. He asks her to try the experiment popularized by the New York Times, which purports to help you fall in love with a complete stranger. Natasha and Daniel spend a day in New York together, during which their worlds synchronize in bizarre ways. They fall in love, just like the Times promised they would.

“The Sun Is Also a Star” had a mixed reception, with a 52% Rotten Tomatoes score. Reviews noted Melton’s good looks, with Vulture’s coverage of the trailer noting his “full lips” and Variety’s review saying his character is “introduced abs-first with the awe usually reserved for car commercials.”

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