29% Agree This Grogu Moment In The Mandalorian Went Too Far

However, now we’re getting to the two decisions that fans couldn’t make excuses for. 

In second place, our sample audience were not okay with Grogu eating the eggs of the poor frog-lady, which needed to be fertilized soon in order to keep her species from dying out. It’s not hard to see why eating these forbidden eggs incited some anger online, as even though Grogu isn’t killing a living thing, he would be potentially dooming her entire species to extinction (aka genocide) if his feeding frenzy wasn’t stopped. Oops? While this running joke is obviously intended to give viewers an uncomfortable laugh, it clearly went too far for 24.18% of voters in this poll.

However, standing at 29.04% of votes, it seems that Force-choking Cara Dune was the worst thing our precious baby has done. To be clear, this has nothing to do with the real-life controversies surrounding the person who plays Cara Dune (as her actor, Gina Carano, has gotten in trouble for voicing political views we won’t touch with a 10-lightyear pole). However, on the show itself, the character was simply arm-wrestling with Mando, and Grogu didn’t understand that they were playing, so he acted appropriately to save his daddy before Mando made him stop. Cara was a bit stunned, but otherwise fine. Nonetheless, the largest share of audiences believes this act was Grogu’s most unforgivable.

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