Camila Cabello Talks “Crazy” Crosswalk Musical Shoot With James Corden

“It’s just silly and fun and it’s hot,” Idina reflected on the segment. “But no one’s as sweaty as James, he always puts himself in some big furry onesie costume.”

One silver lining, Idina noted, was that she had a better time filming Cinderella’s Crosswalk: The Musical for The Late Late Show with James Corden than when she participated for Frozen.

“It was easier than last time, when they put me in an Elsa blonde wig and blue dress,” she recalled. “And sneakers! They always give me sneakers, which is really nice of them. They don’t make me wear heels.”

Cinderella comes out on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, Sept. 3. You can tune into Daily Pop above for more from the cast of the movie.

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