Chicago Party Aunt Release Date, Cast And Plot

Netflix appears to have the utmost confidence in its newest adult cartoon. News of the show first came to light in July 2021 (via Variety), when the streaming platform announced it had already ordered 16 episodes. The first eight of those will premiere on Netflix on September 17, 2021.

There’s no word yet on when we might expect the next eight episodes, but it hopefully won’t take long. Seeing how Netflix ordered 16 originally, production on the back half of the season is likely well underway. We’d surmise that rather than wait an entire year to see more “Chicago Party Aunt,” the next eight will arrive on the service likely within the next six to eight months.

In case you find yourself with Chi-Town withdrawals, you can always follow the @ChiPartyAunt Twitter account. Posts unrelated to the series continue to go up, so if you need some comedy about deep-dish pizza and the Cubs, you know where to go.

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