Demi Lovato Asked This Schitt’s Creek Star on a Date

Demi Lovato approaches dating the good ol’ fashion way: sliding into the DMs just like everyone else.
On the latest episode of Demi’s podcast, 4D With Demi Lovato, the “Skyscraper” singer and Schitt’s Creek star Emily Hampshire both recalled the story of how they first met—online. 
“You slid in my DMs and you said, ‘Hey, I like you on the show. We should kick it sometime,'” Emily, who played the hilarious Stevie Budd on the series, recalled. “And then you said, below it, ‘And by kick it, I mean go on a date. I find you attractive.’ You made it clear it was a date. And I loved that because sometimes that’s confusing. I’m decades older than you, so ‘kick it,’ I was looking it up.”
Demi, 29, also recalled Emily, 40, joking that—because she’s “decades older” than the Disney alum—she didn’t think they would find the same things funny. Emily laughed, “You also said, ‘Think of Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor.’ And then right after you were like, ‘I don’t mean you’re the Holland Taylor!'”

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