How Camila Cabello’s Cinderella Is Different Than All the Ones Before

Over 70 years later and Cinderella is still timeless!

The stars of the new Cinderella film, out Friday, Sept. 3 on Amazon Prime Video, exclusively dished during E! News’ Daily Pop today why the new interpretation is an especially modern retelling of the beloved Disney classic. Camila Cabello gushed that “fans are going to love that she’s a modern woman” about her titular role.

“She has dreams and she has ambitions, and she’s staying true to herself and her voice and what makes her happy,” the Grammy nominee continued on Sept. 1. “I think that it’s reflective of women nowadays.”  

Idina Menzel‘s portrayal of the “evil stepmother” also has an updated twist. “She had dreams of her own, and the men in her life didn’t support her,” Menzel admitted, “so she’s projecting that onto Cinderella.” 

The Tony winner further had some advice for the IRL Cinderella, Cabello herself. “I didn’t stay on top of my game, I think that’s maybe why I approach things the way I do,” Menzel said. “For me, it’s always trying to embrace the moment. That’s the only thing I would impart to Camila, just try to have fun.”

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