Questionable Things We Ignored In Sam And Cat

No matter their level of fame, when you kidnap and assault someone, there tends to be some pretty severe consequences. However, Sam and Cat don’t get that memo when they kidnap a famous rock star named Del DeVille after unintentionally knocking him out in “#WeStealARockstar.” Like most things in the show, the bit plays out for laughs, but it’s too absurd to be believable.

Back at the apartment, Del is tied up on Sam’s bed. The guy’s a millionaire, yet the two teens are brash enough to keep him hostage. What is their endgame here? He’s not going to forget they kidnapped him, and they’re only going to make him madder by tying him up. Of course, like most issues on the show, things magically work themselves out, this time when Del hears Cat play a riff he wants to use in a song. She doesn’t realize that she accidentally stole it from another artist, leaving Del with a $26 million lawsuit after she releases him in exchange for the tune.

Despite Del’s fame and fortune, neither Sam nor Cat face repercussions for the kidnapping or the plagiarism suit. It’s fairly reasonable to say that a millionaire probably has better lawyers than two teenagers, and he’d certainly go after them following the lawsuit if not the kidnapping. Obviously, Sam and Cat wouldn’t be able to pay the millions in damages, which would likely lead to more time spent in juvie.

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