Why Fans Are So Confused By The Virgin River Timeline

Fans of “Virgin River” on Reddit have been trying to piece together the show’s events in order to figure out how much time has passed since the series premiere. U/Kreddit762668 believes that each season spans about a month of time in the show’s universe. That would mean three months have passed, but in the Season 2 premiere, Mel returns to Virgin River after a trip to LA and tells Jack she needed “a couple weeks” to sort things out. Meanwhile, the Season 3 premiere specifies it has been three weeks since Jack was shot in the Season 2 finale. So, if we also count the time jumps between seasons, this means it has been a little more than four months since Mel first arrived in Virgin River.

This timeline makes sense in some instances but not in others. For example, Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), whose pregnancy was first revealed at the end of Season 1, still doesn’t look all that pregnant by the end of Season 3, so this relatively short amount of time would explain the lack of a large baby bump. But the fact the character is already engaged to another man makes this extremely confusing, as it implies she met a man and got engaged to him in less than three weeks. Now, it’s possible this new man has ulterior motives — based on the way he is trying to cut Jack out of Charmaine’s life for good, it’s definitely fishy — but it’s also easy to see why this storyline has viewers confused, especially when you consider everything else that has gone on in the show.

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