Easter Eggs You Missed In The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf

Since “Nightmare of the Wolf” takes place before the Witchers were all but eradicated at the Battle of Kaer Morhen, it’s not just Vesemir who spends time casting spells and slaying monsters throughout the movie. In fact, the film gives fans a chance to see a full-on Witcher brigade in action together, including Vesemir’s own trainer Deglan treating the young recruits, including Vesemir, to a trial by fire — er, swamp wraiths.

“Witcher” fans are also bound to notice how Delgan implements one of those familiar witcher signs on the forehead of the lady of Vesemir’s home to rid her of the nasty bugger within. And there’s also a familiar mention of the Law of Surprise, which comes into play in a big way in “The Witcher,” especially in Season 2 as Geralt finally unites with his destiny in Ciri (Freya Allen).

Another Easter egg that is meant for the true “Witcher” faithful is the moment when Vesemir predicts the young witchers who are most likely to survive, saying, “It’ll be Eskel, Lambert, maybe Remus.” In “Witcher” lore, Eskel and Lambert are, like Geralt, students of the School of the Wolf and train with Vesemir. And while Remus is also a pupil of the Witcher school, “Witcher” watchers will know that he meets a rather unfortunate fate in the series, when he’s killed by the striga that Geralt will face because he goes into the job thinking he’s up against a vukodlak. The fact that Vesemir’s boasts about easily dispelling a striga come so soon after his mention of Remus is probably not a coincidence.

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