Mark Proksch Discusses What We Do In The Shadows Season 3 And The Origin Of Energy Vampires

I had the chance to watch a few episodes of Season 3, and the show’s fantastic as always. One thing I loved was how the show started to ask questions about energy vampires and how they came to be. Prior to the season, did you have any ideas or theories about how someone turns into an energy vampire to help inform your character?

Yeah. It was an area that we never discussed and whenever it was brought up, they didn’t have any concrete answers, which kind of helped the character to some extent knowing that there are no hard and fast rules. It allowed me as an actor to come up with some things, both physically and emotionally, that I think informed the character moving forward.

Absolutely. There’s just the jokes. I remember it happened and I was just like, “Oh yeah, that’s a good point.” I guess we never got an answer on that, we just kind of accepted it.

Yeah, exactly, and I liked that. I liked that we’re now after a couple of seasons going to kind of try to define where he came from and where he’s going.

You sort of had your own bottle episode last season with “Colin’s Promotion.” Can we expect another Colin-centric episode for Season 3?

You know, for the most part, all of us are interspersed with each other. And so there’s not necessarily a Colin episode or a Laszlo episode this season. And it was hard with the pandemic, I think they took a lot of that into consideration. There’s only a couple episodes where we used a handful of extras. And so I think the pandemic limited a little bit what they could do — not the quality of what they did, but what they were able to accomplish story-wise. So no episodes of me in the office this season.

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