The Criminal Minds Unsubs Fans Didn’t Want To Get Caught

Some of the most sympathetic unsubs in “Criminal Minds” are vigilantes who target abusers and criminals who harm innocent people. A recent Reddit discussion among fans revealed that some viewers wish some killers would get let off the hook or allowed to escape from the law. However, there’s one killer who stands out from the pack as being easy to get behind.

The 13th episode of Season 9, titled “The Road Home,” sees the FBI agents go after an unsub who protects regular people from robbers, gangsters, drug dealers, and abusive exes. The witnesses to his crimes are reluctant to talk because he either saved them or they sympathize with his cause, which raises some interesting questions about whether the vigilante’s actions are right or wrong.

Some Reddit users agreed with the vigilante’s motives and stated their reasons for supporting him. “There are so many cases where it’s my word against theirs & nothing is done about it, then the abusers/perpetrators just re-offend,” one poster noted. This view was echoed by others in the comments section, with another stating that they felt sorry for certain unsubs.

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