Where Was The Fantasy Island Series Actually Filmed?

“Fantasy Island” is a tropical paradise. Whether you want to regain your youth or fall in love with that one special person, you can do it all in a beautiful beach backdrop. And for the 2021 series, the crew took the cast to various locales around Puerto Rico to bring the show to life.

According to Republic World, the crew went all over the island to get the shots they needed. Seeing how the show takes place on beaches and bungalows alike, the team traveled to San Juan, Old San Juan, and Río Grande, all of which are known for their beautiful beaches. They didn’t just make excellent TV during their time on the island. Republic World goes on to mention, “Filming scenes in Puerto Rico led to the employment of around 400 locals and is estimated to have an economic impact of $54 million.”

“Fantasy Island” is far from the first project to film in Puerto Rico. Some movies locals may recognize scenes from include “The Losers,” “GoldenEye,” and “Fast Five.” If you ever decide to take a trip there, you could go on a whole filmmaking tour; that is when you aren’t trying out all of the delicious cuisines Puerto Rico has to offer.

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