Double Feature Theory That Has Fans Looking Twice At Karen

They may not have medical degrees, but “Double Feature” fans are speculating at length about the ingredients in the mysterious black pills. “Twist: Karen’s blood is in the pills,” said u/kingfan88, a theory many fans were happy to support. Little is known so far about the pills, the chemist who makes them, or even about TB Karen herself.

One Redditor said this theory could work, adding that Karen could’ve “sold her blood for her next fix or a meal” or “got paid to be part of a medical experiment. “Or better twist: the chemist has made the pill from multiple ‘losers’ and the elites are literally making money off the blood of the lesser,” they said.

Given the classist and pretentious behavior of Belle, Austin Sommers (Evan Peters), and Alma Gardner (Ryan Kiera Armstrong), this would certainly make for a delightfully horrific and ironic twist. Plus, it’s already been hinted at that Karen is talented enough to thrive after taking the pills. “That would probably be the most beautiful f***ed up thing this show could do to us,” replied u/MotherBike. “American Horror Story” fans will just have to stay tuned to see if this theory really pans out.

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