King Of Atlantis Animated Miniseries

As described in an official press release from WarnerMedia, “Aquaman: King of Atlantis” opens on Aquaman’s ascension to the position of ruler of Atlantis — a job that he may not be entirely prepared for.

The miniseries will be composed of three episodes, in which viewers will meet two of Aquaman’s closest confidants, Mera and Vulko. Described as a scholar by WarnerMedia, Vulko will likely serve as a source of advice and wisdom for Aquaman. Meanwhile, the “water controlling warrior-princess” Mera may assist the superhero, as he faces off with his half-brother who seeks to take over the kingdom.

Aquaman’s challenges won’t stop at thwarting a sibling seeking to claim the throne, however. WarnerMedia notes that the ruler of Atlantis will also have to respond to visitors descending on Atlantis from the surface, in addition to “elder evils from beyond time.”

While WarnerMedia has yet to announce an official release date for the project, the press release does note that ACME Nights, which “Aquaman: King of Atlantis” is a part of, begins September 19 on HBO Max.

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