Meredith Blake & Chessy Give Us Parent Trap Reunion We Deserve

Elaine Hendrix had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea. And no, it wasn’t swapping places with your long lost twin sister after meeting at summer camp or even eating Oreos with peanut butter.

The Parent Trap actress blessed every last one of her TikTok followers by recreating one of the most savage scenes of the 1998 movie, starring Lindsay Lohan.  

Elaine, who played 26-year-old stepmom-to-be Meredith Blake, reunited with co-star Lisa Ann Walter, who portrayed lovable housekeeper and substitute mom Chessy. Together, they reenacted the scene where Meredith rudely rings a bell to call Chessy over to order martinis. 

Elaine, now 50, was seen in a messy bun, a white top, grey pants and sneakers while ringing a bell. “Chessy! It’s such a big house and all. Chessy!” she said. 

Lisa answered her call, saying, “You rang?” She had glasses perched on top of her orange hair, looking every bit as much like the lowkey fashion icon as ever. She shook her head at Meredith, before cracking up and breaking character. 

Honey, they never looked better.

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