The Entire Bosch Timeline Explained

Season 2 is adapted from “The Last Coyote” and “Trunk Music.” Bosch is back from suspension, and the captain he bodychecked has moved to a different department. Bosch catches a murder with connections to the Armenian mob. An adult film producer was murdered — his brother, wife, and girlfriend are all suspects. The case leads Bosch to Las Vegas — where catches up with his ex-wife Eleanor, their daughter Maddie, and Eleanor’s new husband Reggie. At one point, the mob kidnaps Eleanor and Maddie in an attempt to intimidate Bosch. Big mistake. Bosch rescues them in a covert mission.

At the same time, Irving’s son George is working undercover for Internal Affairs. He is trying to infiltrate a gang of corrupt vice cops. They make him, and he is killed in a staged convenience store robbery. George’s death destroys Irv’s marriage.

These two cases intersect, as it turns out a retired cop-turned-gated community security officer named Carl Nash (Brent Sexton) is both the head of the dirty cop gang and the orchestrator of the adult film producer’s murder. Nash was in cahoots with the producer’s widow (Jeri Ryan), who was chasing the money her husband was skimming from the Armenian mob. A giant shootout at the producer’s bank takes many players off the board, and Nash dies in a shootout with Bosch and Edgar. The producer’s wife kills a priest in an attempt to get the money, and she hires the lawyer that sued Bosch in the previous season as her defense counsel.

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