Adult Swim Keeps The Live-Action Rick And Morty Promos Coming, And We Need A Full Episode

Like Marvel’s Multiverse, the universe in “Rick and Morty” is a place of infinite timelines that host different versions of everyone. Naturally, there are alternative iterations of Rick and Morty, as well. While each version of the characters shares similar traits, they can differ in personality types, viewpoints, and appearance. Sometimes, though, regular old Rick likes to transform himself into something else to avoid his responsibilities.

Back in Season 3, Rick famously turned himself into a pickle to avoid going to family counseling. One of the new “Rick and Morty” promos, entitled “Pickle Rick,” is a throwback to that episode. In the clip, live-action Morty stumbles upon a pickle and immediately assumes that his grandpa has turned himself into a literal vegetable again. A couple of seconds later, however, Rick appears and takes a bite out of the pickle, revealing that all is as well as can be.

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