Ranking The Magical Powers In American Horror Story

Another test of the Seven Wonders, Concilium refers to the ability to control another person’s mind with magic. A powerful branch of magic, though admittedly highly unethical, witches such as Fiona Goode, Cordelia and the students of Miss Robichaux’s Academy demonstrate this ability several times throughout “Coven.” 

Fiona uses Concilium to deal with the police when they investigate Zoe and Madison for their involvement in the bus crash. One of the police officers resists, almost resulting in his death thanks to the intracranial pressure of Fiona’s power. However, Fiona’s magic overwhelms her victim’s willpower, and she soon subdues him.

Concilium primarily enforces the will of the witch on another person, making it one of the most violating forms of magic. That doesn’t stop the witches of “American Horror Story” however. Madison learns the art of Concilium from Fiona, while Misty Day uses Concilium to sick revived alligators on two poachers. Nan also uses Concilium to kill Joan Ramsey by forcing the murdering matriarch to drink bleach.

As long as the spellcaster has no conscience, Concilium is one of the most powerful tools in a witch’s arsenal. With it, they can control other people, influence them into doing their bidding or, simply, make them forget important news. Is Concilium ethical? No. Powerful? Most definitely.

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