The Transformation Of Jane Kaczmarek From Malcolm In The Middle To Now

Although she alluded to moving back to New York once her children were grown and out of the house, the actor made it clear she had little desire to return to TV. “I have bid adieu to my sitcom days,” she said, adding that, “If there’s something interesting in television that comes along in a few episodes, I would do it. But I would never do a television series again.” 

Kaczmarek went on to explain that while she’s “more content” in the theatre and finds the work she gets to do there “intellectually … and emotionally stimulating,” she also has the utmost appreciation for her former career in television: “It’s been very, very, very, very good to me,” she stressed, “and if I hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t be able to be doing what I want to do now, for the rest of my life” (via Broadway World).

In addition to raising her children and doing extensive work in the theater, Jane Kaczmarek was instrumental for many years in the now defunct Clothes Off Our Back Foundation, which she started with her then-husband, “The West Wing” actor Bradley Whitford. The foundation raised money for children’s charities (including Feeding America, Hope North, and The Art of Elysium) by auctioning off stars’ red carpet attire. According to a 2009 article, the sale of one dress that Jennifer Anniston wore to the Emmys (the year she beat out Kaczmarek for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series) “funded immunizations for 50,000 African children” (via Success).

Nowadays, the actor, philanthropist, mother, University of Wisconsin alum, and two-time Television Critic Association Awards winner for “Individual Achievement in Comedy” has ditched the shaggy sitcom-mom ‘do in favor of jaw-droppingly stunning and oh-so-natural silvery waves. Whether it’s the spectacular new look or the fact that the “Malcolm in the Middle” star is now spending her time how she wants, when she wants, and on the projects she wants, one thing is clear: Jane Kaczmarek is absolutely killing it, and it shows. 

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