Why Criminal Minds Fans Think JJ’s Husband Deserved Better

Another aspect of J.J. and Will’s relationship that irked fans was her rejection of his marriage proposal in Season 3. As far as viewers could see, Will willingly left his job and relocated, yet J.J. was unable to make a similar commitment through matrimony. The fans’ ire was further stoked in Season 7, when J.J. requested a new proposal … after Will is nearly killed. Essentially, it took the potential death of her child’s father, with whom she’d been in a long-term relationship, to fully commit to him.

Of course, every relationship is different — and to be completely fair, the journey to love and commitment often detours down a few side roads, both in real life and on TV. In this case, it’s fairly clear that Will was traveling the path faster than J.J., which likely endeared him to viewers and led them to feel he deserved better. In the end, though, after a series of twists, turns, and tragedies, J.J. and Will arrived at the same destination.

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