Forgotten Kids’ Shows That Deserve Their Own Movie Universes

The Bionic Six aren’t just a team of cybernetically enhanced super-agents who protect the world from the evil Doctor Scarab, they’re also a family. Jack Bennett, code-named Bionic-1, was the original bionic secret agent, although he’d kept secret that from his family. Then they were all injured in an avalanche triggered by a UFO, and the whole family became bionic too, joining him in his adventures from then on. Jack’s wife Helen became Mother-1, with cybernetics that gave her a variety of psychic powers. Their jock son Eric, called Sport-1, gained magnetic powers, which he often employed to use various metal objects as baseballs and bats. Teeny bopper daughter Meg, aka Rock-1, is super-fast and has sonic powers. Adopted son J.D., code-named IQ, is super-smart and super-strong. Foster son Bunji, known as Karate-1, has bionically enhanced agility that he uses to (you guessed it) do karate. Also they have a robot gorilla named F.L.U.F.F.I. for some reason. Their life-saving enhancements come courtesy of Doctor Sharp, benevolent scientist and brother of Doctor Scarab, who’s obsessed with stealing Sharp’s cybernetic secrets and using them to conquer the world.

A racially diverse super-powered family while dealing with sibling rivalries and teen drama? You have to admit that sounds like a perfect family-oriented action movie. Sort of like “The Incredibles” in live action, but with different powers and two additional non-white sons. They’d probably want to do away with the cheesy code names (or at least not call the one Japanese kid “Karate-1”), but definitely keep the robot gorilla. That thing’s merchandising gold.

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