Krapopolis Release Date, Cast, And Plot

“Krapopolis” is more than just about building a family — it’s also about building civilization. That being said, we’re sure you can guess what a city is like when it is run by crazy, dysfunctional idiots and named “Krapopolis” (which may or may not be a play on Plato’s kallipolis). Despite their misgivings, however, it seems as though this motley crew does want the best, both for each other and for their burgeoning city. Whether or not they can achieve the best is a different question entirely.

The process is especially challenging for them because each has their own character flaws. Deliria, obviously, is literally the goddess of self-destruction. Her habits, therefore, live up to her title. Meanwhile, Shlub lives up to his own title as a lazy, ineffectual artist who contributes little, if anything, that is helpful. Shlub’s son, Hippocampus, isn’t much better as the monstrous mixture of a mantitaur and a mermaid.

In fact, the only two people with a head on their shoulders seem to be Tyrannis, who is the most “normal” of the group and just wants to run a tight ship in his city, and Stupendous. Something tells us, however, that even they have their own faults which are sure to be exposed as these gross Greeks get going in Fox’s next animated series.

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