Madonna’s Butt Just Kicked Off the 2021 MTV VMAs: See Her Cheeky Look

We’re still hung up on Madonna‘s opening look for the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.

On Sunday, Sept. 12, the superstar made a surprise appearance by kicking off the show in a Burberry coat, leather bodysuit and matching cap… before turning around and giving viewers quite the show of her backside. 

“And they said we wouldn’t last,” she told the crowd. “And they said we wouldn’t last. But we’re still here, motherf–ckers. Happy 40th, MTV! Welcome to the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.”

It was her cheeky dominatrix uniform—complete with gloves, fish nets and puffed sleeves—that sent Twitter users into a tizzy. As one fan tweeted, “My face when Madonna turned around… YOOO WHEN DID SHE GET ALL THAT ASS?”

“The show just started and Madonna already wylin,” one user wrote. Another tweeted, “Tell me you are the Queen of the f–king universe without telling me you are the Queen of the f–king universe.”  

Others speculated her “butt looked heavy as hell” and couldn’t believe “what Madonna did to her butt.” 

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