Matty Cardarople Reveals The Unique Way Taika Waititi Worked On The Reservation Dogs Pilot

If there’s anything which the last year has taught the world, it’s that it’s easier than ever to work remotely. For many jobs, there’s really no need to be in a physical location when services like Zoom and Skype make it a breeze to talk to others on the other side of the globe. 

This is a new reality that was on full display as Matty Cardarople and the rest of the “Reservation Dogs” team filmed the pilot episode. When asked if he had the chance to work with Waititi at all during filming, Cardarople responded, “I did on the pilot. Yes. He was actually in New Zealand filming ‘Thor’ and he was working on [‘Reservation Dogs’] through Skype or one of those services.” 

Sterlin Harjo directed the pilot, but Waititi undoubtedly had plenty to offer to make the best episode possible — even if it was through Skype. In any case, being directed by Harjo and working with Waititi was a dream come true for Cardarople, who went on to say, “It was really cool to work with [Waititi]. He and Sterlin kind of worked as a team and it was cool he was able to stay involved through the internet. Amazing what you can do with technology these days.”

Just don’t expect a Cardarople cameo in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” The actor was quick to dismiss any idea of that happening later in the interview.

New episodes of “Reservation Dogs” air every Monday exclusively on FX on Hulu.

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