Patton Oswalt Reveals What It’s Really Like Playing Marvel’s MODOK

Patton Oswalt often plays fun, lovable, goofy characters like Durbin, but he took on a more villainous role in Marvel’s “M.O.D.O.K.” When asked what it was like voicing a Marvel villain — as opposed to playing a goofball like Durbin — Oswalt said, “Well, with MODOK, he’s such a damaged character. Yes, he’s villainous, but you can see his vulnerability in his private moments. He just won’t admit to it.” 

Noting the similarities between his character and Howerton’s, he added, “In a way, MODOK is a mutant hyped-up version of Jack, in that he’s someone who is trying to hide the actual empathy and optimism that he has to for life under this shell. In MODOK’s case, it’s a literal shell of cynicism and aggression. It was just a mutant version of what we do with Jack Griffin on the show.” 

Just don’t tell Jack, because he might not be so chill with being compared to an animated supervillain. Fans can check out the fourth season of “A.P. Bio” streaming on Peacock now. 

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